Entertainment Vibes All Star Sweetheart & Elite Models
made history in this classic video.  For the first time urban
models took over international runways.  Sexx Boogie aka
Fashion Designer Allen Mark took a chance on promoting
regular girls as international urban models.  While he knew
he faced an up hill battle with getting the fashion industry to
except urban models, he believed that if he took his vision
direct to the public he could create a lane for his models and
fashion brand.  

   Since this video Sexx Boogie has given opportunities to
urban models nationally and internationally.  Proving that if
you work hard enough, never give up and keep going even
when no one else believes in you, you will accomplish what
you set out to do.  

   Entertainment Vibes still puts on fashion events every
year to provide entertainment for the public, invited guests,
and to promote designers, photographers, stylists and models
who are looking for an outlet to show their talents.  
Feel free to watch past shows in our
video gallery.  If you are
interested in participating in the next fashion event email us

- Entertainment Vibes
Entertainment Vibes was launched in 1996 in the form of a
New York local television show.  Entertainment Vibes Hosted
by Sexx Boogie brought the party to the air waves.  Host,
Executive Producer and CEO Allen "Sexx Boogie" Mark has a
long history within the Entertainment Industry.  Using his
knowledge and drive he has taken Entertainment Vibes to to
Celebrity Red Carpets and events around the world.  

Entertainment Vibes went from hosting events in small clubs
in the Bronx, to hosting their Anniversary Party to a sold
out crowed of over 4,000 people at New York's Famed
Roseland Ballroom.  Respected by industry insiders,
celebrities and fans alike Entertainment Vibes has with
stood the test of time.

After spending the last few years dedicated to promoting
Models, Reality Stars and Fashion Shows, Entertainment
Vibes has gone back to it's roots.  Giving you insight to the
hottest parties, celebrities, music videos, getaways &
events from around the world.  And, they still bring it from
their roots of hip hop.  No Urban Media/Production Company
brought you the biggest Celebrities & Events like
Entertainment Vibes has done for almost two decades.  

With the idea of expansion in mind Entertainment Vibes
Media, inc. Will also be producing new programing for T.V.
And the Internet.  While producing programing
Entertainment Vibes will also continue to launch Stage Plays,
Fashion Events, Parties and Celebrity live performances.  

Slowly chipping away at the new generation of the Internet
world, Entertainment Vibes will soon show everyone what a
long lasting proven brand can do.  Entertainment Vibes can
still be seen on Time Warner, Optimum and Verizon Cable
every week in New York.  The "LIVE" show is rebroadcast
on this website every week.  Allowing those who can't see
the show on T.V. To view it on the web.  Since 1996,
Entertainment Vibes is still bringing you the best in Urban
Music, Fashion & Popular Culture.
Entertainment Vibes Media, Inc. Copyright 1996-2018
Established in 1996
Entertainment Vibes Media, Inc.
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